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B. Kumar and B. Raphael

This monograph presents aspects of research into the application of artificial intelligence in structural design. The authors, leaders in the development of Case Based Design techniques applied to structural engineering provide a detailed insight into their state-of-the-art research on the implementation of novel reasoning techniques in structural design. Case Based Design enables computers not only to store, retrieve and present past designs but also to synthesize design solutions. The primary aim of the book is to address the issues of representation, indexing, retrieval and adaption in Case Based Design. The issues are illustrated by examples in conceptual structural design. The sections of the book include: computational models of Case Based Design; the utilitarian approach to design; the memory reconstruction method of design; and the development of a prototype system. The book will be of interest to researchers in the fields of engineering design, structural engineering and computer science.

Saxe-Coburg Publications, hardback: 178 pages
2001: ISBN 1-874672-09-1 price £75