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Jonathan Corney and Theodore Lim

The ACIS 3D Geometric Modeler is a collection of software components that provide programmers with commercially supported libraries of code for representing and manipulating shapes. Because of its open, object-oriented, design the system can be easily integrated with other software and forms the geometric core of many well-known CAD systems. It is also widely used in universities around the world for both teaching and research.

The book is packed with information and examples that will help new and experienced users to produce applications which fully exploit the functionality available. In addition to providing code for numerous examples (in C++ or Scheme), it also provides background theory and information which helps users gain an appreciation of the system's internal workings.

Since the original text appeared in 1997 as "3D Modeling with the ACIS Kernel and Toolkit" this edition has been fully revised and extended to cover ACIS Version 6.3.

Highlights include over a hundred new pages of material covering:

  • laws (ACIS's mathematical definition language)
  • model modification via local operations, shelling and blending
  • graph theory
  • selective booleans
  • skinning and lofting
  • healing
  • details of how to obtain a copy of ACIS

How to get the ACIS 3D Geometric Modeler

Saxe-Coburg Publications, hardback: 388 pages
2001: ISBN 1-874672-14-8 price £45, out-of-print